Conceptual & Historical Issues in Psychology
Psychology Express

By Brian M. Hughes
February 2012
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273737285
205 Pages, Illustrated
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This revision guide provides concise coverage of the central topics within Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology, presented within a framework designed to help you focus on assessment and exams. The text encapsulates all the subject matter listed in the BPS Qualifying Examination syllabus for Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology. The sequence of chapters is organised temporally, and focuses on how the major conceptual issues in psychology have been handled over time. Further, in each case, the relevance of historical discourses to contemporary psychology is emphasised.

Sample questions, assessment advice and exam tips drive the organisation within chapters so you are able to grasp and marshal your thoughts towards revision of the main topics. Features focused on critical thinking, practical applications and key research will offer additional pointers for you in your revision process and exam preparation.

A companion website provides supporting resources for self testing, exam practice, answers to questions in the book, and links to further resources.

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Chapter 1 Explaining People: Theoretical Psychology Throughout the Ages
Chapter 2 Ways of Knowing: The Scientific Method and Its Alternatives
Chapter 3 From Philosophy to Laboratory: The Arrival of Empirical Psychology
Chapter 4 The Evolution of Measurement: From Physiognomy to Psychometrics
Chapter 5 The Behaviourist Revolution: Actions as Data
Chapter 6 The Cognitive Revolution: The Metaphor of Computation
Chapter 7 Neuroscience and Genetics: 21st Century Reductionism?
Chapter 8 Can Psychology Be Scientific?
Chapter 9 Subjectivist Approaches to Psychology
Chapter 10 The Problem of Consciousness
Chapter 11 Science Since the 20th Century: Postpositivism and Postmodernism
Chapter 12 Relativism, Constructivism, and their Implications for Psychology
Chapter 13 The Future of Psychology

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