Criminology, 3rd edition
Theory & Context

By John Tierney
April 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273722779
436 pages
$67.50 Paper original

Criminology: theory and context, 3e, expands upon the ideas presented in previous editions, while introducing new material on critical theory, feminism, masculinities, cultural criminology and postmodernism.  The text has been thoroughly updated throughout to reflect key perspectives in contemporary criminological theory.  Relevant updates include discussions on New Labour’s criminal justice and penal policies in its third term in office, and the latest developments in criminal justice and the politics of law and order in the UK and US.  This edition revisits societal and cultural influences that have shaped the discipline, and invites the reader to re-examine the phenomena of crime and deviance.  Criminology: theory and context, 3e, is presented in a logical structure and adopts and accessible framework.  The text is essential reading for students of criminology, criminological theory, criminal justice and of key interest to sociology, law and the wider social sciences.  


Preface to the first edition
Preface to the second edition
Preface to the third edition


Part I: Preliminaries and Early History

1 Criminology, crime and deviance: some preliminaries

2 Measuring crime and criminality

3 Criminology and criminologists up to World War Two

Part II: World War Two to the Mid-1960s
4 The discipline of criminology and its context - 1
5 Social disorganisation and anomie
6 Strain, subcultures and delinquency
7 Criminological theory in Britain

Part III: The Mid-1960s to the Early 1970s
8 The discipline of criminology and its context – 2
9 New deviancy theory: the interactionist approach to deviance
Part IV: The 1970s
10 The discipline of criminology and its context – 3
11 Post-new deviancy and the new criminology

Part V: The 1980s to the Mid-1990s
12 The discipline of criminology and its context – 4

13 Criminological theory

Part VI: The Mid-1990s into the New Millennium

14 The discipline of criminology and its context – 5
15 Theoretical perspectives: recent developments


Key Features

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