Cultural Turns / Geographical Turns
Perspectives on Cultural Geography

By Simon Naylor
February 2000
Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582368871
408 pages
$72.50 Paper Original

Introduces undergraduates to the key debates regarding space and culture and the key theoretical arguments which guide cultural geographical work. This book addresses the impact, significance, and characteristics of the 'cultural turn' in contemporary geography. It focuses on the development of the cultural geography sub-discipline and on what has made it a peculiar and unique realm of study. It demonstrates the importance of culture in the development of debates in other sub-disciplines within geography and beyond.

In line with these previous themes, the significance of space in the production of cultural values and expressions is also developed. Along with its timely examination of the health of the cultural geographical sub-discipline, this book is to be valued for its analysis of the impact of cultural theory on studies elsewhere in geography and of ideas of space and spatiality elsewhere in the social sciences.

List of Figures List of Contributors Acknowledgements Foreword Introduction: Dead or Alive?

PART I - CULTURAL TURNS, GEOGRAPHICAL TURNS Introduction; The Twistings and Turnings of Geography and Anthropology in winds of Millennium Transition; More Words, More Worlds: Reflections on the 'Cultural Turn' and Human Geography: Taking a Cultural Turn? Struggles Over the Social in Social Policy.

PART II - POPULAR CULTURE AND CULTURAL TEXTS Introduction; The Popular and Geography: Music and Racialized Identities in Aotearoa/New Zealand; Between Academy and Popular Geographies: Cartographic Imaginations and the Cultural Landscape of Sweden: Regions to be Cheerful: Culinary, Authenticity and its Geographies: English Pastoral: Music, Landscape, History and Politics

PART III - CULTURE AND POLITICAL ECONOMY Introduction; Critical and Uncritical Cultural Turns; Economy, Culture, Difference and Justice; Virtualism: The Culture of Political Economy; Cultivating Ambivalence: The Unhinging of Culture and Economy; Imagined Regional Communities: Undecidable Geographies

PART IV - NATURE AND SOCIETY Introduction; Heterogeneous Geographies: Reimagining the Spaces of N/nature; Situating Knowledge, Sharing Values and Reaching Collective Decisions: The Cultural Turn in Environmental Decision Making; Socialized Nature: England's Royal and Plantation Forests; Natural Communities: 'The Pauper Question' in the Atlantic Monthly 1880-1884.

PART V - SPACES AND SUBJECTIVITIES Introduction; Five Objects, Geographical Subjects; Placing Anxieties; Landscape Mapping and Symbolic Form: Drawing as a Creative Medium in Cultural Geography. Index

" Cultural Turns/Geographical Turns will take a much more interdisciplinary approach than existing textbooks, illustrating what makes cultural geography peculiar and unique within its wider discipline, what its guiding tenets are and how it has developed over the last fifteen years by influencing work in other areas of geography and the social sciences " Contributions from the leading cultural geographers in the field such as, Chris Philo, Linda McDowell, Sarah Whatmore, David Sibley etc " Organized around key themes in cultural geography, combining empirical work and examples with theoretical ideas and arguments " Each key theme (e.g., popular culture, economy, nature etc) forms a section of the book and is introduced by a short, simple introduction by the editors

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