Essential Guide to Taking Care of Behaviour,
2nd edition

By Paul Dix
August 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408225547
209 pages
$42.50 Paper original



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Using this book to train yourself

Part 1 Managing behaviour in the classroom

Chapter 1 Things to think about before you start

Chapter 2 Managing your own behaviour: modelling social and emotional literacy

Chapter 3 Establishing and sustaining consistency and certainty

Chapter 4 Learning rituals, rules and routines

Chapter 5 Language, performance and positive manipulation

Chapter 6 Motivating students: meaningful praise and reward

Chapter 7 Reconciliation v retribution: the art of applying effective sanctions

Part 2 Advanced behaviour - management strategies

Chapter 8 Managing confrontation with flair: the ´win, win´

Chapter 9 Pivotal moments in hooking hard to reach students

Chapter 10 Building mutual trust with individuals and groups

Chapter 11 Students with extreme behaviour and behaviour-changing conditions

Part 3 Collaborating with other adults

Chapter 12 Seeking support: why, when and how

Chapter 13 Teaching partnerships collaborative approaches with the LSA and other adults

Chapter 14 Nurturing the support of parents, mentors and the wider community

Part 4 Specific Situations

Chapter 15 Supply teachers, cover supervisors and cover lessons

Chapter 16 Managing behaviour around the site




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