Exploring Constitutional & Administrative Law


By: Roger Masterman & Colin Murray
January 2014
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781408204184
659 Pages
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Exploring Constitutional and Administrative Law is the only academic text that addresses head-on some of the issues many students have with the subject, by using engaging features that are both accessible and rigorous. Contemporary case studies engage the reader by highlighting the legal relevance of each topic, before the black letter law, surrounding academic debate and wider political and economic context are introduced. This text is eminently suitable for all undergraduate courses on Constitutional and Administrative Law.


Part I: Constitutional Regulation in the absence of a Codified Constitution

1. The Purpose and Characteristics of Constitutions

2. The Domestic Sources of the UK Constitution

3. The UK Constitution and International Legal Orders

4. Law, Politics and the Nature of the UK Constitution

Part II: The Theory and Practice of the UK Constitution

5. Parliamentary Sovereignty

6. The Rule of Law

7. Separation of Powers

Part III: Structures of National Government in the United Kingdom

8. The Executive

9. Parliament I – The House of Commons

10. Parliament II – The House of Lords

11. The UK Supreme Court and Office of Lord Chancellor: Towards an Independent Judicial Branch?

Part IV: Sub-National Structures of Government

12. The UK’s Devolution Arrangements (CM)

13. Devolution and the UK Constitution (CM)

Part V: Accountability I: Responsibility, Scrutiny, Openness and Good Administration

14. Principles of Political Accountability

15. Parliamentary Scrutiny of Government

16. The Parliamentary Ombudsman

17. Freedom of Information


Part VI: Accountability II: The Courts

18. Judicial Review of Administrative Action – Theory, Procedure and Remedies

19. Judicial Review of Administrative Action – Grounds for Review

20. The European Convention on Human Rights

21. The Human Rights Act