Feminist Perspectives on Disability

By Barbara Fawcett
February 2000
Pearson Education
ISBN: 058236941X
192 pages
$57.50 Paper Original

Feminist Perspectives on Disability provides a unique introduction to the key debates in relation to both feminism and disability. The author considers contemporary similarities, differences and contentious areas and how concepts drawn from postmodern feminism can be usefully applied to the disability arena.

The book explores many important aspects of the field, including: biological debates; issues of power, knowledge, equality, difference, subjectivity and the body; interface of public and private/care and community; medical and social barriers; politics, citizenship and identity. Feminist Perspectives on Disability will be compulsory reading for students of all levels in Women's Studies, Gender Relations, Social Policy, Social Work/Social Care and social Science.

1. Introduction. 2. Historical Issues 3. Interface of Public and Private Issues 4. Medical and Social Barriers of Disability 5. Rights Movements 6. Power, Knowledge 7. Equality and Difference 8. Conclusion

Features " Important contribution in its own rights to the development of theory and practice on a key topic in Feminist studies. " Combines theory with practice to give readers a balanced view of the subject matter. " Pedagogical features such as case studies, boxes, chapter summaries engage the reader, provoke critical thinking and allow for more thorough comprehension of the content.

Review "Without doubt the book has many appealing qualities. It is very clearly structured. Every chapter opens with an outline of its content and ends with a summary of the main points together with a short list of suggested further reading...the prime readership will be students pursuing courses of several kinds... I am sure that they will really appreciate this approach...it is certainly a book worth having in one's personal collection and in the library." Disability and Society, Vol 16, No 7

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