Freeing the Innocent: From Bangkok
Hilton to Guantanamo


By: Stephen Jakobi
May 2015
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781909984950
249 Pages
$37.50 Hardcover


Stephen Jakobi, the internationally recognised human rights lawyer, started devoting his working life to the cause of justice for foreigners at an age when most of his contrmporaries were contemplating retirement.

Stephen has always believed it was his duty to give something back to society. From his schooldays he'd held an absolute mistrust of authority and hatred of victimisation; politics gave him a familiarity with media and public relations and over the years he gained the necessary experience of the practice of cimninal law to become an effective human rights lawyer.

Amongst the many headline names that Stephen has tried to help achieve justive are the British nanny Louise Woodward, the Greek plane spotters, the football fan Garry Mann and the Manchester United Six. But it all began with Karyn Smith, a British national in Thailand who was accused of smuggling heroin...