Great Quest
A Search for a Better Society

By Robert Muddiman
September 2003
Book Guild
ISBN: 1-85776-751-9
112 pages, 5 3/4" x 8 3/4"
$28.95 hardcover

In this book, Robert Muddiman invites us to debate - one that he has been having with himself throughout his life: what gives rise to problems in society, and how can we solve them? How could a better society be created and maintained?

Muddiman's exposition of his radical blueprint for a new form of society draws on the wisdom of his years, the ideas of philosophers from Aristotle to Nietzsche, and the theories of the humanistic psychologists Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers.

The pinnacle of development in human society, Muddiman believes, would be a world based on mutual respect, a new sense of social morality, the philosophy of self-actualization, and humility in the workings of good government.

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