Human Rights in the UK, 4th edition
An Introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998

By David Hoffman & John Rowe
June 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications 
ISBN: 9781408294482
507 Pages
$75.00 Paper original

This highly acclaimed textbook provides law students with a thorough introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998, its background, how it came to be passed and the mass of case law that has followed it. The authors discuss the particular rights the Act embodies, including the law’s response to terrorism.

Combining broad topic coverage with an engaging writing style, Hoffman and Rowe provide an outstanding platform for students wishing to gain an in-depth and critical understanding of this contemporary, contentious and constantly evolving area of law.



1. Introduction

2. The idea of human rights

3. The history of human rights and the Convention

4. Constitutional considerations

5. The scheme of the Human Rights Act 1998

6. Remedies under the Human Rights Act

7. Introduction to the Convention rights

8. The right to life: Article 2

9. Freedom from torture: Article 3

10. Freedom from slavery: Article 4

11 . Personal liberty: Article 5

12. The right to a fair trial: Article 6

13. Retrospective legislation: Article 7

14. The right to privacy: Article 8

15. Freedom of conscience: Article 9 and Article 2 of the

First Protocol

16. Freedom of expression: Article 10

17. Freedom of assembly: Article

18. The right to marry: Article 12

19. Non-discrimination: Article 14

20. The right to property: Article 1 of the First Protocol

21. Free elections: Article 3 of the First Protocol

22. The problem of terrorism

23. Conclusion

Appendix 1 The Human Rights Act 1998

Appendix 2 The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights

and Fundamental Freedoms

Appendix 3 Members of the Council of Europe and Convention ratifications

Appendix 4 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Appendix 5 European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights


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