Human Rights & Civil Liberties, 3rd edition

By Steve Foster
September 2011
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781408259313
798 pages
$97.50 Paper Original

Human Rights Law creates controversy, contention and counter-point like few other legal areas. Human Rights and Civil Liberties is a clear and comprehensive guide to this rapidly developing subject, and covers the enforcement of human rights and civil liberties generally, before examining the protection of specific areas of civil liberties in domestic law including (among others): the right to life, freedom of expression; the right to demonstrate; privacy; and freedom from torture.

The book places the study of the subject within the context of the passing and implementation of the Human Rights Act 1998 and the principles and case law of the European Convention on Human Rights, providing you with an unrivalled framework to deepen your understanding of the area.


Part One The Enforcement of Human Rights and Civil Liberties

1. Civil liberties and human rights: definition, classification and protection.
2. The European Convention on Human Rights
3. Enforcing civil liberties and human rights in domestic law

Part Two The Protection of Substantive Human Rights and Civil Liberties in Domestic law

4. The absolute rights: the right to life
5. The absolute rights: freedom from torture and inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment
6. Human rights and due process: liberty of the person
7. Human rights and due process: the right to a fair trial
8. Freedom of expression: nature, purpose and restrictions
9. Press freedom and freedom of expression: defamation, confidentiality and contempt of court.
10. Freedom of association and assembly
11. The right to family and private life
12. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
13. Human rights and freedom from discrimination
14. Human rights and terrorism


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