Intellectual Property, 8th edition


By David I. Bainbridge
August 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408229286
932 Pages
$99.50 Paper original

A firm favourite with students and lecturers alike, Intellectual Property can be trusted to equip you with
the best possible basis for study of this dynamic subject. Providing an unrivalled account of the law in this
area, this book also examines the ethical and policy influences which have shaped its development
providing you with a solid basis for further exploration of the subject.


Particularly suitable for use on the LL.B or GDL, Intellectual Property contains a variety of features, including:

  • Diagrams and visual aids to support explanations of complex legal principles
  • Key point summaries to highlight essential points provide a useful revision checklist
  • Discussion questions to put knowledge into practice and refine critical analysis skills
  • Annotated further reading lists enable students to delve deeper into the academic literature surrounding the subject area
  • A glossary of key terms to explain any unfamiliar terms commonly employed in intellectual property law

New to this Edition

Intellectual Propertyhas also been fully revised to examine all recent developments in this rapidly evolving area of the law, including detailed discussion of:

  • the implications of the Trade Mark Rules 2008 now that they are fully in force
  • important new case law on patents including Generics vLundbeck and Conor v Angiotech, and consideration of the first recorded case in which employees were awarded compensation of over £500,000 for an invention of outstanding benefit to their employer
  • contemporary copyright cases including the authorship of the Procul Harem hit ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’, the copyright status of Star Wars Storm-trooper costumes, and the legality of encrypted broadcasts following the decision in Football Association v QC Leisure
  • high profile privacy cases involving J K Rowling’s infant son and former Formula 1 boss Max Mosely



Table of cases
Table of legislation
Table of abbreviations
Law reports references, etc

Part one: Preliminary

1. Introduction

Part 2: Copyright and related rights

2. Background and basic principles

3. Subsistence of copyright

4. Authorship and ownership of copyright

5. Authors' rights

6. Rights, infringements and remedies

7. Defences to copyright infringement and the permitted acts

8. Copyright and computer software

9. Rights in performances

Part three: The law of breach of confidence

10. Law of breach of confidence

Part four: Patent law

11. Patent law - background, basic principles and practical aspects

12. Requirements for patentability

13. Ownership, dealing with patents, safety and security, and Crown use

14. Patents - infringement, remedies and criminal offences

15. Patents - defences, groundless threats and revocation

Part five: Design law

16. What is a design?

17. Community design and the UK registered design

18. The UK unregistered design right

Part six: Business goodwill and reputation

19. Trade marks - introduction and background

20. The UK trade mark - registrability, surrender, revocation and invalidity, property rights and registration

21. The UK trade mark - rights, infringement, limitations and defences, remedies and criminal offences

22. Community trade mark and the Madrid System

23. Passing off and malicious falsehood

Part seven: European and international perspectives on IPR

24. Freedom of movement of goods and EC competition law

25.IPR and conflict of laws

Appendix 1: Trade mark classification for goods and services

Appendix 2: Useful internet addresses for intellectual property information


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