Introduction to Land Law, 2nd UK edition

By Roger J. Smith
September 2010
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408222607
307 pages
$59.50 Paper original

Roger Smith’s Introduction to Land Law presents a straightforward account of the law and its effects, giving a clear and accessible explanation of concepts students often find difficult to grasp. It illuminates the interesting and thought-provoking issues stemming from land law.



Table of cases

Table of legislation

PART 1: Introduction to Land Law

1. Introducing Land Law

2. Trusts and Equitable Interests

3. Legislative Reform: 1925 to 2002

4. Land and Other Property

5. Human Rights

PART 2: Acquiring Interests and Binding Purchasers

6. Adverse Possession and Fixtures

7. Transfer and Creation of Interests in Land

8. Estoppel

9. Ownership of the Family Home

10. Priorities

PART 3: Rights to Enjoy Land

11. Successive and Concurrent Ownership

12. Trusts of Land

13. Leases: Types and Requirements

14. Leases: Obligations and Remedies

PART 4: Other Interests in Land

15. Licences

16. Easements

17. Covenants

18. Mortgages




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