Law for Business Students,
5th UK edition

By Alix Adams
October 2008
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781405858885
608 pages
$82.50 Paper Original


Law for Business Students provides an approachable introduction to the law for those new to the subject or studying law as part of a non-law degree. Alix Adams’ writing style brings the subject to life and encourages you to apply the law to your own experiences and the world around you.


Contents; Guided tour, Acknowledgements, Preface; Table of cases; Table of statutes, Table of statutory instruments; Table of European and international legislation; 1  Getting started: an introduction to studying law ,  2 How the law is made  3  Resolving legal disputes, 4  The law of contract: offer and acceptance, 5  The law of contract: consideration, intention and privity; 6  The terms of the contract; 7  Defects in the contract: misrepresentation, mistake, duress and undue influence; 8  More defects: illegality and incapacity; 9  Discharge of the contract and remedies for breach; 10  The law of agency; 11  Sale of goods: the contract and its terms; 12  Sale of goods: transfer of ownership, performance and remedies for breach of contract; 13  Tort liability for defective goods; 14  Tort liability for defective services; 15  Tort liability for premises; 16  Rights at work: the contract of employment and health and safety at work; 17  Rights at work: protection against discrimination; 18  Rights at work: protection against dismissal and redundancy; 19  Business organization; 20  Forming a registered company; 21  Running the company: raising and maintaining capital; 22  Daily management of the company: functions of directors, secretary and auditors; 23  Company meetings and shareholder participation; 24  Statutory intellectual property protection: copyright, designs, patents and trade marks; 25  Common law protection of intellectual property: passing off, malicious falsehood and breach of confidence; 26  Study skills, and revision and examination hints  


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