Law of European Union,
4th edition

By Pennelope Kent
January 2009
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781405835268
504 pages
$64.50 Paper Original

Law of the European Union provides an introductory guide to help you understand European Law at a time of considerable change and challenge. It offers a clear and accurate explanation of the constitutional law of the EU and the institutions, as well as the substantive law, presented in a systematic and logical way to support learning and revision.


Table of Contents:

Preface Abbreviations Tables of: Community treaties UK statutes Secondary legislation Cases in the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance Cases before the national courts Commission decisions PART 1: THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW OF THE EUROPEAN UNION

1. The development of European Union law

2 The institutions of the EU 3 The sources of Community law ; competences of the EC and EU 4 General principles of law

5 The supremacy of Community law

6 The principles of direct effect, indirect effect and state liability 7 Enforcement actions against Member States 8 Judicial review 9 Liability of the Community institutions 10 Preliminary rulings under Article 234 PART 2: FREE MOVEMENT WITHIN THE SINGLE MARKET 11 Customs duties and discriminatory internal taxation; state monopolies of a commercial nature 12 Quantitative restrictions and measures having equivalent effect

13. Union citizenship 14 The free movement of workers 15 The right of establishment and the freedom to provide services 16 Capital movements and economic and monetary union PART 3: COMPETITION LAW AND POLICY 17 Introduction to competition 18 Article 81 19 Article 82 20 Articles 81 and 82: enforcement and procedure 21 Intellectual property 22 Competition law and state regulation

PART 4: THE SOCIAL DIMENSION 23 Social policy 24 Equality of pay and treatment Appendix 1: Where to find the law Appendix 2: Bibliography

Appendix III: Timeline  



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