Law of the European Union, 8th edition

By John Fairhurst
December 2010
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781408256312
809 pages
$92.50 Paper Original

Law of the European Union is at the cutting edge of developments in this dynamic area of the law. It explores the EU's constitutional and administrative law, as well as the major areas of substantive EU law. Topics are extensively illustrated with decisions from the European Court of Justice and the General Court (the renamed Court of First Instance), encouraging students to consider real world applications of the principles of law.

Part 1: Constitutional and Administrative Law of the European Union

1. An introduction to the European Union

2. Sources of Union law

3. Union institutions and related bodies

4. The decision-making process

5. The Court of Justice of the European Union

6. Preliminary ruling jurisdiction of the Court of Justice (Article 267 TFEU)

7. Direct actions against Member States (Articles 258-260 TFEU)

8. Judicial review of acts of Union institutions

9. Principles of supremacy, direct effect, indirect effect and state liability

10. Applying Union law in the English Courts and adapting English remedies to the requirements of Union law

Part 2: The free movement of persons and services, and freedom of establishment

11. European Union citizenship and free movement rights

12. Free movement of workers

13. Freedom of establishment and the provision and receipt of services

14. Social security

15. Limitations on the free movement of persons

16. Free movement rights in the United Kingdom

Part 3: The free movement of goods

17. Customs duties and internal taxation

18. The elimination of quantitative restrictions and measures having an equivalent effect

Part 4: Union competition law

19. State monopolies and state aid

20. Cartels and restrictive agreements: Article 101 TFEU

21. Abuse of a dominant position and mergers: Article 102 TFEU

22. Enforcement of Union competition law: powers and procedures


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