Leisure: An Introduction

By Stephen J. Page & Joanne Connell
August 2010
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273726494
517 pages, Illustrated
$77.50 Paper original

Chapter 1: Introduction to Leisure
Chapter 2: The Historical Analysis of Leisure
Chapter 3: Leisure - The Social Context
Chapter 4 : Demand for Leisure, Leisure Participation and Leisure Behaviour
Chapter 5: Supply for Leisure: Leisure Places, Spaces and Environments
Chapter 6: The Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors in Leisure Provision
Chapter 7: Planning, Managing and Marketing Leisure
Chapter 8: Urban Leisure
Chapter 9: Leisure and the experience economy: The cultural industries and entertainment
Chapter 10: Coastal Leisure
Chapter 11: Rural Leisure
Chapter 12: The Future of Leisure

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