Advance Praise for Tomorrow's Global Community

"Easy to read and well written ... no reader of Jim Mann's book will face the 21st Century without hope. In this visionary book, Mann shows us that we are headed for a world where government, business and all other institutions of society will be transformed into networks of partnerships ... What he proposes could enhance human dignity, maximize individual choice, create more cooperation and win-win outcomes in human interactions, increase effectiveness and efficiency, reduce the gap between rich and poor, and create more fairness in relationships."

Wendell Bell, author and professor emeritus
Yale University Department of Sociology


"Congratulations! I have read every word -- some sections twice to let their full implication sink in ... You've made the book remarkably accessible even to folks who are less 'turned on' by politics and economics as I am ... This is an important book, well researched, well thought out, and well written. Jim Mann is a practical visionary, rare in his willingness to tackle the whole schmear at once, to think through the fundamental changes that together constitute the information revolution. It is equally rare to discover a thinker who can write about such complex issues in readable prose."

Harlan Cleveland, President
World Academy of Art and Science
Former Assistant Secretary of State
Former US Ambassador to NATO


"In this extremely ambitious book, Jim Mann takes on nothing less than the future of the world -- and how it will be affected by the Information Age. The good news is that the spread of information and freedom of movement will eventually undermine the economic, cultural and psychological causes of group alienation."

Osborn Elliott, Former Editor-in-Chief
Dean emeritus, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism


"The torrent of information that humans are heir to these days threatens to engulf us. Jim Mannís hefty book is part of that torrent, itís true, but he also delivers a heartening messageóthat the world is being saved by this flood of information, not drowned. He argues, with impressive force, that democracy will inexorably spread and global society will become a web of small communities, independent of geography, defined by a single concern, providing 'total welfare' to the members of each. Perhaps more scary than brave, both old and new, this truly is a world to look forward to."


Richard B. Stolley, Senior Editorial Adviser
Time Inc.
Founding managing editor, People Magazine

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