Mastering Social Welfare, 4th Edition

By Pat Young
June 2000
Macmillan, UK
ISBN: 0333793277
432 pages
$44.50 paper original

'Excellent for social welfare and social policy students, and a valuable addition to standard texts for sociology courses.' - Lynne Fisher, Bridgend College, Mid Glamorgan

Mastering Social Welfare provides a comprehensive introduction to social issues and welfare in Britain, and is written for all caring, welfare, social work and nursery nurse courses. It describes and analyses contemporary social issues such as unemployment, homelessness and disability, providing vivid illustrations of the impact of these issues on people's lives. The book also provides a historical context and up-to-date information and analysis of all aspects of provision of social welfare. Areas covered include social security, education and health care.

People in Society
Family Life
Poverty and Welfare
Housing and Homelessness
Living in Cities
Schooling in Britain
Personal Social Services
Community Care
Children and Young People in Need
Mental Health Issues
Learning Disability
Old Age
Health and Health Services
The Voluntary Sector
Policy Issues in Welfare

Author Biography:
PAT YOUNG is a lecturer with great practical experience of social welfare. She has worked in a psychiatric hospital and has been active in a number of voluntary groups. She currently lectures on social policy at Colchester Institute, and is also chief examiner with a leading examination board.

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