Microeconomics, 6th edition

By Saul Estrin, et al.
December 2012
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273734871
633 pages, Illustrated
$125.00 paper original


This new edition builds a comprehensive picture of the microeconomic tools required to solve a wide range of problems by using an innovative combination of written, illustrative and mathematical analysis. It helps the reader to think like an economist - in particular demonstrating how individuals, firms and policy-makers decide their best course of action.


Chapter I Introduction


Chapter 2 The basic theory of consumer choice

Chapter3 Money income and real income

Chapter 4 Utility

Part II Consumer Theory: Further Topics

Chapter 5 Intertemporal choice

Chapter 6 Choice in the face of risk

Chapter 7 Decision Making: further analysis

Part III Production and Costs

Chapter 8 Production

Chapter 9 Costs

Chapter 10 Production functions, cost functions, and the demand for factors of production

Part IV Basic Theory of the Firm

Chapter 11 Perfect competition

Chapter 12 Monopoly

Chapter 13 Product differentiation and monopolistic competition

Part V Oligopoly and Strategic Interaction

Chapter 14 Imperfect Competition – an introduction

Chapter 15 Oligopoly and strategic interaction

Chapter 16 Game theory

Chapter 17 Game Theory II

Part VI Factor Markets

Chapter 18 Factor demand

Chapter 19 Factor supply

Chapter 20 Labour markets – trade unions and bargaining

Part VII General Equilibrium and Welfare

Chapter 21 The exchange economy

Chapter 22 General equilibrium with production

Chapter 23 Welfare economics

Part VIII Missing Markets

Chapter 24 Externalities, public goods and Taxes

Chapter 25 Economics of information

Chapter 26 Public choice

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