Moving Probation Forward

Evidence, Arguments & Practice in the UK

Edited by Wing Hong & Mike Nellis
December 2003
Longman / Pearson Education
ISBN: 0582472776
308 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 "
$67.50 paper original

Probation: Theory, Practice and Research is a core text on probation, edited by well-respected academics in the field. It is comprehensive and user friendly, covering various key topics in probation. The book also provides practical help to students and an up to date account of issues in criminal justice policy in the UK, as well as providing information to training officers, managers and practitioners in the field of probation and criminal justice.

Features: Key topic areas or themes have been identified following consultation with students, probation training officers, coordinators of the Diploma in Probation Studies and academics, and following consideration of the changes in the Government's policy in dealing with offenders in the community.

Various key topics covered include: Principles of Probation Practice Enforcement. Anti-discrimination. Human Rights. Advanced theories are also discussed. Several front-line probation staff, academics and active researchers contribute to the text. Additionally serves as a crucial reference or handbook for practitioners.

1. Creating the National Probation Service: New Wine, Old Bottles?
2. Theories of Crime
3. What Works in Theories of Punishment
4. What Works in Reducing Re-offending: Principles and Programs
5. Research in Probation: From 'Nothing Works' to 'What Works'
6. Pre-trial Investigation
7. Risk and Risk Assessment
8. In Support of Effectiveness: Facilitating Participation and Sustaining Change
9. Desistance-based Practice
10. Essential Skills in Working with Offenders
11. Enforcing Supervision and Encouraging Compliance
12. Partnerships in the Probation Service
13. Victim Work in the Probation Service: Perpetuating Notions of an 'Ideal Victim'
14. Human Rights and the Probation Values Debate
15. Electronic Monitoring and the Future of Probation
16. The End of Probation?

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