On the Road: The Art of the Journey

Stunning Images from Reuters

Edited By Julie Knight
January 2005
Pearson Education Limited
ISBN: 0131296973
184 pages, Illustrated, 10 " x 10"
$77.50 Hardcover

The road we step out onto connects us to the world. Each day, around the globe, millions of journeys are made across cities, countries and continents. Some journeys are made by choice. We take to the streets to demonstrate our political convictions, celebrate our common rituals, or test the physical limits of our bodies.

Other journeys are made by necessity. We flee war zones, we migrate in search of a better life. Or on an everyday level, we join neighbors and strangers to head off to the day's work. This book is a stunning collection of images from Reuters, the world's largest international news agency, on the universal theme of the journey. Across the globe every day, Reuters photographers are there to capture the defining moments.

Through these extraordinary pictures we can explore the nature of the journeys undertaken by us all, and rediscover our common humanity. Reuters is the world's largest international news agency with more than 2300 journalists, camera-men, and photographers in 130 countries. With every twist and turn of events around the globe, our photographers are there to capture the human side of the story.

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