Personality, Individual Differences & Intelligence, 3rd edition

By John Maltby, et al
October 2013
Pearson Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273751168
725 pages, Illustrated
$92.50 Paper original

The third edition of the market-leading Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence continues to offer an involving and comprehensive introduction to this captivating field. The new edition of this popular text guides you through the subject from the foundations to more advanced material, constantly building on previously acquired knowledge to help you achieve a critical understanding of the major theories, methods, findings and debates.


Part 1 Personality

1. Personality Theory in Context

2. The Basis of the Psychoanalytic Approach to Personality

3. Developments of Freudian Theorising

4. Learning Theory Perspectives on Personality

5. Cognitive Personality Theories

6. Humanistic Personality Theories

7. The Trait Approach to Personality

8. Biological Basis of Personality I: Genetic Heritability of Personality

and Biological and Physiological Models of Personality

9. Biological Basis of Personality II: Evolutionary Psychology and

Animal Studies of Personality

10. Further ideas and debates in Personality: Personality and Culture

Part 2 Intelligence

11. An Introduction to Intelligence

12.. Theories and Measurement of Intelligence

13. The Use of Intelligence Tests: What Questions Emerge from

the Measurement of Intelligence?

14. Heritability and Socially Defined Race Differences in Intelligence

15. Further Discussions and Debates in Intelligence: Sex Differences

in Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

16. The Application of Personality and Intelligence in Education and

the Workplace: The Introduction of Other Intelligences

Part 3 Further Debates and Applications in Individual Differences

17. Further Debates and Applications in Individual Differences: An Introduction

18. Optimism

19. Irrational Beliefs

20. Embarrassment, Shyness and Social Anxiety

21. Interpersonal Relationships

22. Social Attitudes

23. Well-being and Personality Disorders

24. Individual Differences in Health and Illness

25. An Introduction to Psychometric Testing

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26. Academic Argument and Thinking

27. Statistical Terms

28. Research Ethics


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