Politics USA,
2nd edition

By Robert J. McKeever & Philip Davies
September 2006
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 0582473403
384 pages
$77.50 Paper Original

Including commentary, data and analysis of the November 04 elections, the second edition of Politics USA gives students a detailed introduction to all aspects of the American political system. The text is full of student friendly features that will help students engage with and discuss the key aspects of American politics, and new chapters will outline the key current issues.

For undergraduate courses in American politics. For a condensed version of this book, see Brief Introduction to US Politics


Preface to the Second Edition



1. America in the Twenty-First Century - Introduction

Part 1. The constitutional dimension of American politics

2. The Constitution and constitutionalism

3. Federalism

Part 2. The socio-economic contexts

4. The rise and fall of consensus since 1945

5. Economy and society

6. Gender and American politics

7. Race, ethnicity and immigration in the USA

Part 3. The representative process

8. Elections and voting behaviour

9. The mass media and politics

10. Political parties

11. Interest groups and political action committees

Part 4. The executive process

12. Presidential power

13. The federal bureaucracy

Part 5. The legislative process

14. Congress and the president

15. Congressional structures and processes

Part 6. The judicial process

16. The Supreme Court and judicial review

17. The Supreme Court and American politics

Part 7. The policy process

18. Serving the people: government and domestic policy

19. The politics of race and affirmative action

20. Abortion

21. Foreign policy

22. The War on Terror



* Topics for Discussion help both lecturers and students to explore the most important questions arising out of each chapter
* Controversies, tables, diagrams and boxed examples highlight key aspects of American politics
* End of chapter summaries will help students with their revision
* Updated suggestions for further reading including useful websites, ensure quality of student research

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