Political Geography, 6th edition
World-Economy, Nation-State & Locality

By Colin Flint & Peter Taylor
December 2011
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273735908
340 Pages, Illustrated
$82.50 Paper original

We live in a rapidly changing world in which politics is becoming both more and less predictable at the same time: this makes political geography a particularly exciting topic to study. 

To make sense of the continuities and disruptions within this political world requires a strongly focused yet flexible text. This new (sixth) edition of Peter Taylor’s Political Geography proves itself fit for the task of coping with a frequently and rapidly changing geo-political landscape. Co-authored again with Colin Flint, it retains the intellectual clarity, rigour and vision of previous editions, based upon its world-systems approach.

Reflecting the backdrop of the current global climate, this is the Empire, globalization and climate changeedition in which global political change is being driven by three related processes: the role of cities in economic and political networks; the problems facing territorially based notions of democratic politics and citizenship, and the ongoing spectre of war.

This sixth edition remains a core text for students of political geography, geopolitics, international relations and political science, as well as more broadly across human geography and the social sciences.


Prologue: episodes in the life and times of a sub-discipline

1 A world-systems approach to political geography
2 Geopolitics revived
3 Geography of imperialisms
4 Territorial states
5 Nation, nationalism, and citizenship
6 Political geography of democracy
7 Cities as localities
8 Place and identity politics

Epilogue: a political geography framework for understanding our twenty-first century world

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