Research Methods in Psychology
Psychology Express

By Steve Jones & Mark Forshaw
February 2012
Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
Distributed by the Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780273737254
197 Pages, Illustrated
$33.50 Paper original

This revision guide provides concise coverage of the central topics within Research Methods in Psychology, presented within a framework designed to help you focus on assessment and exams. The text encapsulates all the subject matter listed in the BPS Qualifying Examination syllabus for the area. The structure of the book represents a logical, linear progress through your typical learning in relation to Research Methods in Psychology. The two authors bring their clear, accessible style to bear on this, making the normally ‘dry’ subject matter seem more lively and engaging. The chapter on writing reports is deliberately left to the end since this is the natural culmination of your research process.

Sample questions, assessment advice and exam tips drive the organisation within chapters so you are able to grasp and marshal your thoughts towards revision of the main topics. Features focused on critical thinking, practical applications and key research will offer additional pointers for you in your revision process and exam preparation.

A companion website provides supporting resources for self testing, exam practice, answers to questions in the book, and links to further resources.


Chapter 1 Research in psychology
Chapter 2 Designing research studies
Chapter 3 The basics of experimental design
Chapter 4 Designing complex experiments
Chapter 5 Case studies, single-case and small-N designs
Chapter 6 Observational methods
Chapter 7 Measuring attitudes
Chapter 8 Reliability and validity
Chapter 9 Qualitative approaches and methods
Chapter 10 Ethics of research with humans and animals
Chapter 11 Reporting research

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