Russian Politics & Society
An Introduction

By Catherine Danks
December 2001
Longman (Pearson Education)
ISBN: 0582473004
450 pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4"
$60.00 Paper Original

The author offers a lively, authoritative and contemporary introduction to post-communist Russia, looking at both the politics and society of one of the world's most fascinating countries.

Topics include: Marketization & Democratization. Imperial Russia & Soviet States. Perestroika. New Thinking in Foreign Policy. The August 1991 Coup. Globalization. A New Ideology. Conflict Between President and Parliament. Yeltsin Presidency. Post-Yeltsin Era. Creating the Russian Federation. Putin & Federal Authority. Russian Justice System. Human Rights. Civil-Military Relations. Corruption. Putin & Remilitarization. Political Parties. Role of Women. The Mass Media. Foreign Policy. Economic reform. Russian People-Health, Ecology, Unions, Poverty. Rise of President Putin. References. Appendices.

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