Sassenach's Escape Manual

A Mostly Impartial Guide to Scottish Identity & Independence

By: Dr. Lee Rotherham
January 2015
Bretwalda Books
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781909698703
156 Pages
$17.95 Paper original


Will Scotland remain a member of the EU? What currency will you spend in Scottish shops? what will happen to cross border trade between England and Scotland? What if the Shetlands want to rejoin Norway? And just how will the Loch Ness Monster survive (if she exists)?

This wee tome gives the answers in a lively and easy to understand fashion while drawing on Scottish history and tradition. A joint venture between a Sassenach, seeking to understand, a Highlander keen to explain and a Glaswegian who sees both sides, this book explains in wry terms the issues confronting Scotland today.