Social Policy
Issues & Developments in the UK

By Hugh Bochel, et al
December 2005
Pearson / Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0130870099
408 pages, Illustrated, 7 ½” x 9 ¾”
$68.50 Paper Original

Social Policy: Issues and Developments provides an engaging, comprehensive introduction to contemporary British social policy. It focuses primarily upon developments since 1997 including coverage of major service areas, ideological and other current debates in the subject.
It combines description and analysis in a clear and straightforward approach, whilst recognizing the complexities of contemporary social policy.

Part I: The context for social policy
Chapter 1. Economic, social and political change
Chapter 2. The politics and government of social policy
Part II: Developments in services
Chapter 3: Income maintenance and taxation
Chapter 4. Work and welfare
Chapter 5. Education
Chapter 6. The personal social services
Chapter 7. Crime and criminal justice policy
Chapter 8. Health
Chapter 9. Housing
Chapter 10. Ethical issues in social policy
Chapter 11. ‘New’ social policy
Part III: Theorising social policy
Chapter 12. Neo-liberalism
Chapter 13. From democratic socialism to New Labour
Chapter 14. Alternative approaches to social policy
Part IV: European and international developments
Chapter 15. The European Union and its impact upon recent social policy development
Chapter 16. Globalisation and its influence upon social policy development
Chapter 17. Conclusions

• Examines the political and governmental context within which social policy operates
• Explores the boundaries of social policy and the growing relevance of the subject to our understanding of society
• Discusses the main ideological perspectives which have underpinned the development of social policy in the UK and provides a reflection of alternative critiques
• Covers the international influences in the form of European Union and explores the relevance of debates over globalisation to social policy
• Each chapter is written by a leading specialist in the field to provide informative, expert coverage
• Chapter outlines, boxed case studies and further reading enhance teaching and learning

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