Society & Exploitation
Through Nature

By Martin Phillips & Tim Mighall
May 2000
Pearson Education / Longman
ISBN: 0582277256
456 pages
$72.50 Paper original

Society and Exploitation Through Nature offers an integrated approach to the environment, linking the philosophical, social and physical sciences to environmental problems and issues.

The text covers three main themes; exploitation of nature and society; the limits of exploitation through sustainability and managing environmental problems. These themes are illustrated throughout the book with global case studies.

1. Themes in Society and Nature
2. Stories of Exploitation
3. Limits to Exploitation
4. Problems of the Contemporary Global Environment
5. Managing Problems in the Environment
6. Environmental Problems in a Social Context
7. Environmental Attitudes and Aesthetics
8. Conclusions

• An integrated and realistic approach to the subject covering philosophical, cultural, economic and political issues
• Encourages students to be aware of the complexity of environmental issues, drawing attention to the importance of variables that play a role in creating an environmental problem
• The book does not describe environmental issues in isolation, but brings issues to 'life' with an understanding of similarities and differences that exist between a variety of environmental problems

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