By Cameron Dunn
February 2010
Hodder Education
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9780340991831
128 pages, Illustrated
$34.50 Paper original

Contemporary Case Studies feature up-to-date case studies on key topics in AS and A2 Geography.

Written by highly experienced authors, examiners and teachers, each title opens with an introductory framework that identifies the relevant key concepts and then follows with a series of short cases that include succinct analysis of the issues raised. In the Using case studies boxes, specific questions are posed and examiner guidance is provided on how the material can be used to tackle them; exercises based on one or more of the case studies are also included.

The concluding section provides more detailed advice on making the most of the case studies in the examination.

Table of Contents:
1 Superpower Geography
2 Superpower influence
3 Superpowers and conflict
4 Emerging powers
5 China rising
6 Energised India
7 Declining super powers?
8 Sustainable superpowers
9 Examination advice

About the Author(s):
Cameron Dunn has extensive teaching experience and is a Chief Examiner.

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