Tort Law in the UK
Law Express

By Stefan Fafinski & Emily Finch
June 2007
Distributed By Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc.
Pearson / Longman
ISBN: 9781405821940
184 Pages, Illustrated, 5 3/4 x 8 1/4"
$32.50 Paper Original

Law Express: Tort Law is designed to help you to relate all the reading and study throughout your course specifically to exam and assignment situations.  Understand quickly what is required, organise your revision, and learn the key points with ease, to get the grades you need.  Tested with examiners and students.


Chapter 1: Negligence - duty of care and breach of duty

Chapter 2: Negligence - causation and remoteness

Chapter 3: Special Duties

Chapter 4: Vicarious Liability

Chapter 5: Employers' Liability

Chapter 6: Occupiers' Liability

Chapter 7: Nuisance

Chapter 8: Trespass to land

Chapter 9: Trespass to the person

Chapter 10: Defamation

Chapter 11: Defences

Chapter 12: Remedies


•         Checklists and topic maps begin each chapter, to help you plan your revision.

•         Exam tips give pointers to improve exam performance and problem areas identified to help you avoid common errors.

•         Key statutes and cases are highlighted so you know which ones to focus on.

•         Essay and problem questions with suggested answers help you practice your exam and essay technique.

Test your knowledge online with the supporting website:

•         Build your own revision plan and analyse your weaknesses through the study plan generator.

•         Test your knowledge of the key cases, legislation and principles through interactive tests, problem scenarios and virtual flashcards.

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