Victims & Victimology
Research, Policy & Practice
Longman Criminology Series

By Jo Goodey
April 2005
Longman / Pearson Education Limited
ISBN: 0582437792
304 Pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$67.50 Paper Original

This book provides an introduction to key debates in the field of victims and victimology. Emergent and established themes in victim-centered research, policy and practice are outlined and illustrated with detailed case studies of important developments; including, for example, repeat victimization, victim compensation, and probation-based victim contact work.

While the mainstay of the text focuses on victim-centered criminal and social justice developments in England and Wales, examples are offered from around the world in an effort to explore the victim's 'place' in the context of wider political and policy debates. The book's eight chapters, together with its introduction and end comment, describe and comment on some of the most salient developments, in recent years, in so-called 'victim-centered' justice.

1. Contextualising Victims and Victimology
2. Counting Victimisation- Who are the victims?
3. Understanding 'Fear of Crime' and 'Vulnerability'
4. Academic Victimology, Victim Advocacy and Social Policy
5. Looking at Victims' Needs and Rights
6. Balancing Victims' and Offenders' Rights
7. Restorative Justice- Victim-Centred Paradigm Shift?
8. Neglected and Emergent Victim-Centred Research and PolicyEnd Comment References

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