Angling with Rod, Line & Camera

By S. Donald Stone
August 2004
Book Guild
ISBN: 1857768507
127 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$36.50 Hardcover

The author of this guide to the ancient art of angling asserts that it is the biggest 'participant sport' in the UK. He writes with such authority on every aspect of his absorbing hobby that the reader will come to believe every word he says without hesitation. Lured into fishing at an early age on Norfolk's rivers and Broads, over the years he has fished many rivers, the famous and the not so well known, but the Thames, with its weirs, appears to have been his favorite waterway.

Here is a roll-call of every fish likely to be found in British rivers or shoreline, captured in stunningly clear photos, along with detailed descriptions of their appearance, habits and habitats and, for those new to the sport, how best to catch them. The information and advice in this succinct handbook is clearly written by someone who has spent many a quiet and meditative hour on riverbanks, sometimes contemplating more than fish. It is beautifully illustrated by photographs which feature the highlights of one of man's passion.

Contents include: A Brief History of Angling, the Barbel, the Chub, the Carp, the Roach, the Tench, the Pike, the Grayling, the Rudd, Two Freshwater Lightweights - Crucian Carp and Dace, Creating a New Water, Visit to a Fish Farm, the Salmon, the Rainbow Trout, the Brown Trout, River Scenes, the Sea Bass, the Grey Mullet, the Twaite Shad, Two Sea Lightweights - Mackerel and Garfish, Four Classic Reels, Glass-case Specimens, Lady Anglers, Old Angling Magazines, Fish as Motifs.

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