Art of Sport
The Best of Reuters Sports Photography

Edited by Reuters
October 2002
Pearson Education
ISBN: 1903684129
192 pages, Illustrated
$69.50 Hardback

The Art of Sport captures moments of action, drama and skill from the world of sport. It gives an all-inclusive taster from the world's sporting circuit, showcasing spectacular, bizarre and stunning images from the world of sport. The book offers a fascinating selection of sports pictures taken by Reuters photographers who have had the vision and ability to see and capture extraordinary sporting moments. This collection comprises a sporting story with many threads: victory and defeat, natural skill, ability and hard work, beauty, strength and courage, joy and crushing disappointment - and offers some of the most clever and beautiful sporting photographs that you will ever see.

The Art of Sport sets each photograph in context, outlining the circumstances behind the image: how the photographers came to be there at that moment and how they managed to document them. It showcases the two essential characteristics of the top photo-journalists - a nose for a sporting story and an eye for a beautiful photograph. Contents The photographs have been chosen for visual impact alone. They are fantastic photographs that represent the atmosphere and global resonance of sporting events and people, rather than an attempt to document all of the greatest moments in sporting history or catalogue all of the World's sporting activities. The Art of Sport contains images from a host of events around the world including the Olympic Games and the 2002 Soccer World Cup. Author The Reuters News Pictures Service was created in 1985 and has since become the world's leading provider of photographic images.

Over 120 full-time staff photographers, and many more contract and freelance photographers, are on the spot, all over the world, covering and capturing stories as they happen. Reuters photographers have won many top awards for their work. The images provided by Reuters News Pictures Service are used by approximately 1,500 newspapers and magazines worldwide as well as countless websites.

"Struth! Here's a book that makes even golf look exciting... 192 pages of jaw-detaching full-colour sports images from the last decade."FHM "Gazette photographer Dave Charnley was left mesmorised by some of the shots in a new book dedicated to sporting action." Middlesborough Evening Gazette

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