Art of Creative Teaching: Primary Science
Big Ideas, Simple Rules

By Alan Haigh
April 2010
Pearson Education
Distrubuted by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781408228029
184 pages
$44.50 Paper Original

Concise, simple, yet motivating and inspiring, Haigh’s book hones in on the essential ‘big’ ideas behind the craft of teaching primary science, condensing them into manageable bite-sized chunks and step-by-step rules which can be put into practice from Day One.

In a world driven by testing and assessment, there is often very little opportunity or time to explore new, creative and more effective approaches to teaching science at a primary level. In response to this, Alan Haigh has written a book that will equip you with the science knowledge, skills and confidence to plan your own lessons, teach creatively and encourage a discovery approach to learning. This book will not only improve your teaching of science but will make it hugely enjoyable to boot.






Teaching with Trios  

Section 1 Planning Science

Section 1a  Lesson planning

1 Plan, hide and guide  

Section 1b  Planning science topics and themes

2 Science learning is more effective when not taught in isolation

Section 2 Teaching and assessing science

3  Teach children to intellectually engage with the discovery process

4  Teach children to become independent thinkers and learners

5  Use questioning and dialogue to lead children to understanding

6  You need to know what children have learned and understood before you progress.

7  Make assessments work for you and your children  

Section 3  Science knowledge  

8  Sc2 Biology

9  Sc3 Chemistry

10  Sc4 Physics

Section 4  QCA and DIY science

11Don’t be a QCA slave  


Glossary of Acronyms



Key features:

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