49ers II: The Rest of the Story


By: John Warham
February 2016
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications Inc.
ISBN: 9781910508879
370 Pages, Illustrated
$38.50 Hardcover

When a group of 49 Cathay Pacific pilots were fired in 2001, one of the most ground-breaking legal cases in aviation history followed as The 49ers faced a David and Goliath struggle against their ex-employer. 

In his first book, The 49ers - The True Story, Captain John Warham describes how the pilots fought to be exonerated and have their professional reputations restored. It ends in November 2009 when the High Court in Hong Kong ruled in the pilots' favour.

July 2010; after Cathay dispute the judgment, The 49ers II - The Rest of the Story finds John and his 'Band of Brothers' facing an appeal court hearing, continuing the fight for justice that had overshadowed their lives and those of their families for almost 10 years.

With a costly legal roller coaster in motion and a question mark over his financial future, life for John becomes very different from that of a senior captain with a prestigious airline. 

But this is not the only battle that the author has to fight. As well as providing an eye-opening insider's view of the aviation industry, The 49ers II describes the immense personal cost to those involved. It is a remarkable story of resilience and determination, told with candour and wit.