And You Are in Kolkata or Beyond

Photography By: Jane Graham
February 2011
Book Guild
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN: 9781846245268
130 Pages, Illustrated
$32.50 Hardcover

Equipped with a tiny pocket camera and an inquisitive eye for the artistic, in 2009 Jane Graham undertook her dream journey in India. Inspired by her art history teacher of some 30 years before, she was astonished to find more than she had ever dreamed of. Jane discovered the art, the ancient history and mystery, the beauty, contrasts, sensuality and spirituality which infuses everyday life in the regions and cities of "Mother India."

With her camera she has unpretentiously captured scenes and moods which together present an engaging insight into temples and rituals, street life and family life - and if you look very closely, you will often discover a surprising, quirky element which makes this collection of photographs so throughly and endearingly Indian.

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