Dos & Don'ts in the Philippines
Residents' & Visitors' Guide

By Maida Pineda
June 2005
Book Promotion and Service Co.
ISBN: 1844640043
194 pages, Illustrated, 5 ¾" x 8 ¼"
$27.50 Paper Original

Philippines, Filipinos, Filipinas, Pinoy, Pinay, Pilipino, Pilipina… Confused? It seems everybody has a name for the inhabitants of the Philppines, including the Pinoys themselves. But don't worry. On the first page of this guide to the etiquette, customs and taboos of more than 7,000 islands that is the Philippines, you'll find the words that you need to use when among the smiling and talkative people of this tropical paradise.

Filipinos are the most bubbly and communicative and therefore caring and friendliest people in Southeast Asia. It just so happens that this former US colony has adopted American vocabulary, accents and lifestyles more than any other country in the region. They are as unique as can be and maintain the customs and traditions to prove it. Many still eat with their hands.

Their devout Catholicism is imbibed with ancient beliefs and superstitions. They pretend to be invisible when passing between you and your friend. They lavish attention on water buffalos on its special festival day. To ensure you enjoy your stay in the Philippines, we present a light-hearted but practical guide to the dos and don'ts of this dynamic country. Don't tell your best friend that he's got food in his teeth. Do slouch in the back of your taxi as you leave the motel after a romantic afternoon. Want to know more?

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