Dos & Don'ts in Thailand
3rd Edition

By Kenny Yee & Catherine Gordon
October 2002
Book Promotion and Service Co.
ISBN: 9748900983
164 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 "
$26.50 Paper Original

Knowing what not to do is important in Thailand. It prevents embarrassment. It can deflect even a disaster. Many warnings have been proven right time and again by the very incidents that need not have happened. These rip-offs, scams, injuries and deaths could have been avoided had the victims known what not to do.

It's so unfortunate, because it's not even difficult. It's all in this book, repeated, rewritten and revised. This third edition is bold enough to include two new topics that were considered too crude to be included earlier: sex and massage, with all their loopholes and pitfalls. Also, the chapter Mainly for Women has been extensively expanded. In many ways, this book is a complete guide to social etiquette and doing the right thing at the right time in Thailand.

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