From Bangkok to Siberia via the Marrakech Express

By William Bleasdale
October 2011
Book Guild
ISBN: 9781846246241
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
256 pages, Illustrated
$38.50 Hardcover

William Bleasdale loves to travel, and he loves train journeys. He combines these two obsessions in his affectionate travelogue, drawn from the day-to-day notes he made during his time in Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco and Russia. His style is immediate and exciting, as he plunges into local culture and tradition, undeterred by lack of shared language and relying only on gesture and pantomime with often hilarious results. His camera is always at the ready, and The Trans Siberian Railway is heavily and beautifully illustrated throughout with his own stunning colour photographs. His enthusiasm for travel, architecture, railway history, and above all the people he meets along the way shines through the pages of this unusual and inspiring memoir.


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