Guernsey, Sark & Herm

A View of the Islands

By Dallas Masterton
July 2004
Chris Andrews Publications
ISBN: 0954033124
146 pages, Illustrated, 10 " x 10 "
$79.50 Hardcover

Through the presentation of 150 color photographs, the author presents a fascinating portrait of these elusively handsome islands. The photographs have a poetic nature, capturing the tricks and moods of light and the conjunction of seascapes, harbors, boats and historic buildings, an evocative view of the life and landscape.

In the words of the Guernsey Lieutenant Governor's foreword: "The outstanding coastline beauties of Guernsey, Sark and Herm are matched by the architectural heritage of mellow granite houses and peaceful rural lanes. The ancient and modern history of the islands left its imprint in many ways on their faces and this has been beautifully captured by the dazzling photographs in this book."

Chris Andrews photographs and produces books, calendars, posters and cards in the Channel Islands and in England, and his work is widely used, via the picture library, in publications of every sort throughout the world.

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