Healey's World
Travels with my camera

By Denis Healey
April 2002
The Book Guild Ltd.
ISBN: 1-85776-672-5
252 pages, illustrated
$51.50 hardcover

Denis Healey is one of the most enduring and naturally appealing of modern political figures and as a political heavyweight, he needs no introduction. Now in Healey's World, he takes on the role of international photographer, taking us on a tour of the globe illustrated with his own color photographs. Spanning over 40 years of travel, both in his official capacities as Secretary of State for Defence and Chancellor of the Exchequer and as a private citizen on holiday with his wife, this is a vivid collection of enduring and memorable images. Packed with unforgettable images and witty, thought-provoking recollections, this book is a visual feast.

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