Images of Geneva

By Jed Payne
January 2005
Explorer Publishing
ISBN: 976818230X
160 pages, Illustrated, 11 " x 11 "
$87.50 Hardcover

Embark on a truly astonishing visual journey through a remarkable city alive with cultural diversity. This remarkable collection of stunning water and landscapes, spectacular architectural innovations and contemporary urban backdrops captures with breathtaking clarity, the excitement and drama that is Geneva. Sample the exquisite colors of this land through the eyes of inspired photographers. As a member of the Congress of Vienna once said, "There are the five continents and then there is Geneva."

From Geneva's famous lakefront with its sweeping mountain views, to the small details that make the city unique, Geneva embodies the best of what the world has to offer, truly earning its title as the 'world's biggest little capital.' This dazzling collection of photographs is a visual celebration designed to highlight the resplendent natural beauty of Geneva and its surroundings, as well as explore the vibrant diversity that has characterized the city since Roman times. Whether you are a visitor looking to take a piece of Geneva home with you or a long term resident looking for a fresh perspective, this book provides a stunning array of photographs that will capture your imagination and linger in your memory long after the sun has set over the alps.

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