North-east Poland
Crossbill Guides

By Dirk Hilbers, et al.
July 2013
Crossbill Guides
Distributed by Trans-Atlantic Publications
ISBN 9789491648007
247 Pages, Illustrated
$52.50 Paper original

The north-east corner of Poland is a natural treasure chamber, with famous areas like the Biebrza and Bialowieza. The Biebrza and its marshes from central Europe's most pristine lowland river ecosystem. Likewise, Bialowieza National Park is famous for being the last primeval lowland forest left in Europe. These areas, together with the many other natural areas nearby, from one gigantic nature-rich region, in which wild Bison, Wolves and Elks roam, and many rare birds, dragonflies, butterflies and wildflowers can be found.

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