Sharjah's Architectural Splendour

By Alistair MacKenzie
December 2002
Explorer Publishing
ISBN: 9768182296
160 pages, Illustrated, 11 " x 11 "
$87.50 Hardcover

This is a stunning collection of images capturing Sharjah's architectural heritage. Welcome to the Sharjah of the new Millennium, where ancient cultural roots anchor a civic pride unrivalled in the region. This exploration of Sharjah's Architectural Spelndour takes readers on a guided tour of some of the highlights of this remarkable city capturing small, aesthetic details and grand public compounds, mosques and souks, through the lens. These striking photographs are linked together with text that is at once analytical and informative.

Contents include: Heritage & Arts Areas, Courtyards & Inner Spaces, Civic Spaces, Mosques & Minarets, Aesthetic Details, Doors, Arches & Gateways.

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