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74 Days, 2nd edition

Abdication: The Rise & Fall of Edward VIII, 2016

Africa in Transition, 2011

American Civil War, 4th edition August 2008

AQA GCSE Modern World History Revision Guide, 2nd ed., 2014

Aspects of History -- The Twentieth Century Higher Pack
By Chris Andrews September 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7277-4

Aspects of History -- The Twentieth Century Lower Pack
By Chris Andrews September 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-7269-3
Battleground of High Politics:
A Comparative Study of British & French Policies towards Poland & the Baltic States 1917-1939, November 2003

Bayeux Tapestry & the Battle of Hastings 1066, 5th Edition, December 2004

Behind the Eyes of David
By John Fleminger, February 2002

Berlin 1978-1987, 2015

Black Peoples of America, 2011

Black Peoples of the Americas
by Bea Stimpson, December 2001

Boys of Ballykelly, 2010

Britain 1846-1951. OCR A-Level, 2015

Britain 1890-1924, 2nd edition

Britain 1900-51

Britain & Europe Since 1945
By Alex May, Nov. 1998

Britain in the Age of the French Revolution, 1785-1820
By Jennifer Mori, August 2000

British Empire; Sunrise to Sunset, 2nd edition, 2013

British Foreign Affairs: Saving Europe at a Cost? 1919-1960, 4th edition

British Hearse & The British Funeral, 2011

British History 1870-1918, October 2003
British Imperialism, 1688-1914, March 1993

British Railway Steam in Colour
By Mike Vincent, Sept. 1992

British Women's Suffrage Campaign 1866-1928, 2nd edition, 2010

Broadmoor: A History of a Psychiatric Hospital, 2015

Changing Nature of Warfare 1792-1945, 2nd edition, 2016

Children of the Sun: The Fall of the Aztecs

China 1839-1997, 3rd edition, 2016

China: From Empire to People's Republic 1900-49, 2nd edition

Civil Rights & Social Movements in the Americas Post-1945, 2nd ed., 2016

Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992, 2nd edition, 2016

Cold War 1941-95, 3rd edition, 2015

Death of a Nation: A New History of Germany, 2015

Decline of the Liberal Party 1910-1931, 2nd edition
By Paul Adelman, September 1995

Discovering Egyptians

Discovering Pirates

Disunited Kingdoms, 2013

Die If You Must: Brazilian Indians in the Twentieth Century

Duke of Hazard, 2010

Dying President & the Lying Doctor: The Fate of FDR, 2012

Early Medieval Ireland, 400-1200
By Daibhi O'Cronin, December 1995

Early Tudors: Henry VII to Mary I, 1485-1558, 2nd edition, 2015

Edexcel GCSE Modern World History

Edexcel GCSE Modern World History: Revision Guide, 2nd ed., 2014

Educational Innovators, 1750-1967 (2 volumes)
By W.A.C. Stewart & W.P. McCann, March 2000

Element of Luck, 2nd ed. To South Arabia & Return
By Michael Brouch, March 2001
Elizabethan Parliaments 1559-1601, 2nd edition
By Michael Graves, August 1996

Empires and Citizens; The Roman Empire, Medieval Britain, African Empires, Book 1
By Ben Walsh October 2003 ISBN: 0-7487-6941-2
Empires and Citizens Pupil Book 2
By Ben Walsh February 2004 ISBN: 0-7487-6942-0

Empires and Citizens Pupil Book 3
By Ben Walsh February 2004 ISBN: 0-7487-6943-9

Enduring Spirit: Convicts or Colonists, 2009

England's Colonial Wars 1550-1688
By Bruce P. Lenman, Dec 2000

Enterprise of the English: An Appreciation of English History in Verse, 2014

Essential Modern World History, 2001

Essential Modern World History (Hodder Ed.)

Europe in the Central Middle Ages, 962-1154, 3rd edition
By Christopher Brooke, January 2000

European History 1870-1918, December 2003
European Reformation
By Andrew Chibi, July 2002

Florence Nightingale and the Nursing Legacy 2nd Edition
By Monica Baly, June 1998

France in Revolution, 4th edition September 2008

Franco-German Relations
By Alistair Cole, October 2000

From Autocracy to Communism 1894-1941 September 2008

From Second Reich to Third Reich August 2008

Frontlines: Snapshots of History
By Alistair Cole, October 2000

Germany Divided & Reunited 1945-91, 2010

God's Army The Story of the Salvation Army
By Stephen Brook, May 1999

Great Depression & the Americas, 1929-39, 2012

Head for Success: What Secondary Schools Did Achieve & Still Can, December 2003
Henry VII , 1999
Henry VII, 3rd edition, February 1997

Henry VIII to Mary I

Henry VIII: Tudor Serial Killer, 2014

History: MYP by Concept 4&5, 2015

History of Ireland

History Pictures (Includes CD-ROM) 2008

Hitler, Appeasement & the Road to War, 2nd edition, July 2007
Hitler & Nazi Germany, 3rd Ed.: The Seduction of a Nation, December 2004

Holocaust: The Third Reich & the Jews, 2nd edition, 2013

I Survived a Secret Nazi Extermination Camp, 2015

Illustrated Dictionary of Sailing Ships, Boats & Steamers, May 2000

Impact of Empires, 2nd Edition

Imperial Outpost in the Gulf: The Airfield at Sharjah (UAE) 1932-1952, 2012

In God's Image: The Natural History of Intelligence and Ethics, July 2007

India's Freedom Reassessed, June 2007

Indian Independence 1914-64, 2nd edition, 2015

Interesting Times Life in Uganda Under Idi Amin
By Sir Peter Allen, Aug. 2000
Italian Risorgimento, August 1998

Italy: The Rise of Fascism 1896-1946, 4th edition, 2015

James I, 2nd edition, August 1995

Japan's Hidden Face A Call for Radical Change in Japanese Society and Commerce
By Toshihiko Abe, June 1998

John Adam: The Mulbuie Murder, 2013

Kennedy Devonshire Connection, 2002

Lancastrians, Yorkists & the Wars of the Roses 1399-1509, 2nd edition, 2015

Lenin, Stalin & Communist Russia: The Myth & Reality of Communism, October 2003

Longman Companion to Britain Since 1945, 2nd edition
By Chris Cook & John Stevenson, June 2000

Love & Death in Vienna, 2011

Love & Tears, 2011

Luther & the German Reformation, 1517-55,
3rd edition
August 2008

Medicine & Health Through Time, 2009

Medieval Natural World, 2013

Medieval Persia 1040-1797
By D. O. Morgan, March 1988

Medieval Realms 1066-1500 Higher Ability Pack, 2001
Medieval Realms 1066-1500 Lower Ability Pack, 2001
Men & the Emergence of Polite Society, Britain 1660-1800
By Phil Carter, Oct 2000

Moated Grange: A history of south Norfolk through the story of one home, 1300-2000, 2015

Modern Papacy, 1798-1995
By Frank J. Coppa, Oct 1998

My Revision Notes: WJEC History Route A, 2nd ed., 2014

Myths & Mysteries of the First World War, 2015

Napoleon and Europe
By Philip Ingram, October 1998

Napoleon, France & Europe, 2010

New Encyclopaedia of Brighton , 2010

Now & Then Dubai, May 2000

OCR Crime & Punishment Through Time

OCR GCSE Modern World History, 2010

Peel & the Conservative Party 1830-1850
By Paul Adelman, Oct 1989

People's Republic of China 1949-76
2nd edition

Poverty & Poor Law Reform in 19th Century Britain, 1834-1914
By David Englander, June 1998

Power of Freedom, 2010

Prosperity, Depression & the New Deal August 2008

Pyramids of Egypt: How Were they Really Built?, 2012

Queens & Empresses, From Cleopatra to Queen Victoria

Quest: Black Peoples of the Americas Activity Support Guide
By Alan Coulson, Jess Harris August 2001 ISBN: 0-7487-6265-5
Quest The Roman World
By Bea Stimpson August 2002 ISBN: 0-7487-6562-X

Quest The Roman World -- Activity Support Guide
By Vee Harris & Alan Coulson August 2002 ISBN: 0-7487-6563-8

Reading to Barbados & Back, 2011

Rebellion & Disorder Under the Tudors 1485-1603, 2nd edition, 2016

Red Arrows, 2010

Red Lion Brewery: Hoare & Co., 2013

Russia: 1894-1941, 2nd edition

Russia & its Rulers 1855-1964, 2nd edition, 2016

Russia Under Tsarism & Communism, 1881-1953, 2nd edition

Shipwrecks from the Egyptian Red Sea, November 2006

Slave Trade 2008

South American War: Behind the Scenes in the Fight for the Falklands, 2013

Soviet Aid to the Third World: The Facts & Figures, December 2003

Stalin's Russia, 1924-53, 4th edition

Steel Wheels: The Evolution of the Railways & How
They Excited Engineers, Architects, Artists & Writers

By A.F. Garnett, September 2005

Survival of the Crown, Vol.II, 2014

Tale of Two Japans: Ten Years to Pearl Harbor

Titanic: The Rescue Mission, 2014

Tutankhamun Deception: The True Story of the Mummy's Curse
By Gerald O'Farrell, December 2001

Twenties London, 2011

Unification of Italy 1789-1896, 4th edition, 2015

Unification of Germany, 3rd Edition, June 2007 [Access to History]

USA & Vietnam, 1945-1975, 3rd Edition, June 2007 [Access to History]

USA in Asia 1945-75

Victory in Europe? Britain & Germany Since 1945
By Lee Sabine, July 2001

Vietnam 1960-1975, 2010

Vodka on Ice: A Year with the Russians in Antarctica, November 2002
Votes for Women, 3rd Edition, June 2007 [Access to History]

Walrus Said: A Long Silence is Broken, December 2004

War & the Transformation of British Society 1903-1928

War & the Transformation of British Society 1931-1951

Wars of the Roses & Henry VII: Britain 1450-1509

Witchcraze of the 16th & 17th Centuries, 2016

Women in British Public Life, 1914-50
By Helen Jones, May 2000

Years of Russia, the USSR & the Collapse of Soviet Communism, 2nd edition